05.Thru With The Two Step

28. července 2008 v 9:37 | Jirka |  The Principle Of Moments
Dance by me close - tell 'em all to go
One's for the money - but I'm through with the show
Move with me gently, oh so slow
Hold me and maybe we'll never let go, never let go
I'm through with sneakin' - been cutting it close
Through with the two-step, where the rhythm is law
Through with the two-step, where the rhythm is law
Oh, yes, it's love in any key
You opened up the door - now I know it's got to be

Now my cards on the table - hands on the deck
Now A is for able - no words - pause for breath
My willing baby, now can't you see
Little girl, it's not for me
So you waltzed into my life - one two three
Warmed up your smile - oh let it please be me, please let it be me
You swish and swirl - oh, swing and sway
Stay till the sun comes, and don't go away

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